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Bobosped is a Czech company specializing in international freight forwarding services. Bobosped has been offering its services since 2007 which still successfully extends and improves. We offer a single service and long-term cooperation. We guarantee long-term validity of prices.

A sophisticated logistics system enables fast and efficient transportation of goods. Bobosped focuses on the carriage of goods in Belgium, the Netherlands and the specific parts of Germany, for example we offer daily transportation coverage in Germany and the Netherlands.

Today, of course, we guarantee security of deliveries JUST IN TIME. Tracking system of all vehicles via satellite is also used for the effectiveness of our services and guarantee attractive prices. The company disposes of the modernest transport technology.

Last but not least, we should mention the possibility storaging of goods in our own warehouse.

You can found details of our services on other pages.

The company is registered at the Trade Union business in Uherský Brod under No. 371102 - 8658 - 00